Friday, February 24, 2012

LA Art and Culture Trip


For me trips are an exceptional opportunity to challenge students personally, socially, and intellectually.  By focusing on the authentic learning, which occurs through these experiences, students gain a deep understanding of themselves and their role within the group.  Simultaneously, students rediscover the joy of learning by interacting with their environment and the interconnectedness of multi intellectual disciplines, which each trip incorporates.

In the transition from Advisor/Teacher to Principal my ability to participate in trips has been curtailed.  However, in April I will have the opportunity to travel with a group of students to Los Angeles for the LA Art and Culture Trip led by Jenny Long and Kara Olyowski. I am excited to join this group. 

I grew up in a small town and am more at home in the wilderness than a big city.  As a result, the LA trip will represents a personal risk and challenge for me. I do however, love art and experiencing diverse cultures therefore, I am excited about this urban adventure.      

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Alfie Kohn Lecture

On Friday night John McCluskey and I went to hear Alfie Kohn speak at the Watershed School.  Alfie Kohn is a passionate and persuasive speaker on on the topic of progressive education.  His talk was simultaneously encouraging and discouraging.  Encouraging, because we do so much of what he champions here at the Open School.  Discouraging, because I know progressive education is so important and yet so challenging to do well, especially in this educational climate.  Kohn has a great website with numerous articles with his thoughts on progressive education and how to keep it alive in today's world of high stakes testing and accountability.  Please check it out and let's start a dialogue about some of his ideas.